marcy chapman

mixed-media artist

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Painting enables me to express the joy I feel when observing the wonderful creations of both nature and man. I’ve always had the ability to draw, but never thought much about it. After gaining a measure of accomplishment on the piano, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Speech and a teaching certification from Japan in Ikebana flower arranging, I discovered watercolor. It was only then that I realized I had found my true calling.


A painting class, taken on a lark, propelled my life into a fascinating world of art - studying, exhibiting, teaching and lots of exciting travel based on the excuse of “capturing ideas.” That first class was over thirty years ago. Since then, my work has been internationally published and sold in venues as diverse as street fairs, a New York Art Gallery, Bed Bath and Beyond stores and art auctions held on luxury cruise liners.


My painting in watercolor has evolved into mixed media and most recently collage. I am in love with color and design, paying close attention to contrast, values and placement. What can be done with the color wheel always amazes me. My chosen subject matter, most often treated in a realistic style, varies from flowers, landscapes and architecture to my current whim creating contemporary designs influenced by vintage objects – from keys and doorplates to clocks and gears. I enjoy following design trends and capturing those that pique my interest in some artistic form.


People say my work conveys happy feelings and makes them smile. When I complete a piece that expresses my emotions about the chosen subject, I smile too!



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